Federal, State & Local Government


Strategic Solutions for Public Sector Transformation


MC&T works with national and regional governments, city municipalities, quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations as well as government-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals.


Our Offerings


Digital Transformation:

 We support Government organizations by providing digitization solutions. These include automation of core business, digital marketing, and customer experience enhancement. Core business automation helps improve business efficiency, without changing too many business practices. Digital marketing helps organizations reach out to more members of the public, and help them understand the advantages of performing various processes online. We also help enhance the overall customer experience on various platforms. For more information, please visit our Digital Transformation Page.

Agile Development Services:


We utilize advanced product engineering solutions such as SCRUM and extreme programming to create value driven processes. Our agile development services can be provided in different frameworks to meet client requirements. Our services include agile consulting, analytics, digital, software testing, and more.

Business Consulting:


With Business Process Consulting, MC&T helps organizations improve their performance and operational efficiency to achieve strategic, and functional organizational transformation. We provide solutions for business processes, quality engineering, program management, business and IT transformation



  • Value Driven Services: Public sector organizations will see an immense growth in customers, and availing of services. Customers will feel that they are receiving value driven services.
  • Integration Automation: High velocity development of a service department will be completed within a short time period, at reduced costs, and will enhance the daily work performed by the employees.
  • Quality Service Delivery: The quality of customer service will increase, allowing your employees to enjoy their work, and increase their productivity.
  • Continuous Delivery: By providing world class customer service, the processes will end up becoming an advantage for both the Government, as well as the public.
  • Organizational Transformation: The business will bring in more capital, leading to improved infrastructure, better facilities and immense business growth.